Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Wild Things Young Adult Reading Challenge Is Underway

I have the honor and privilege of being the moderator for the Wild Things Young Adult Reading Challenge #3 on GoodReads Our group reads juvenile and your adult literature as adults interested in young adult literature. It is not only great fun, but a true education.

The Challenge involves five sets of tasks; each task having five elements. Some elements only require reading one book while others require reading up to three. Each task is really a task; for example, one of them involves reading a young adult book where the reader must add up the letters of their first and last name and read a book written by an author whose name contains the same number of letters.

Currently, I am reading Here Lies The Librarian by Richard Peck, an award-winning author in the field. I'm only at the beginning of the book, but already there are graveyards, up-rooted bodies and an auto garage involved. I'm smitten -- okay, I'm involved.

Try reading something you have not read before. It's amazing what you might find.