Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today's Your Birthday!

Baby Girl's Favorite Carrot Cake
On September 2nd, I had the most wonderful surprise, My second baby girl decided it was time for her to arrive. It was Labor Day -- and of course no one could think ti was more appropriate. But she decided it could not be that simple -- I had far much more to do.

My best friend's wedding had been August 5th and she had thought about arriving then. The wedding was at the Hot Springs outside of Nome, Alaska. Just a few miles, until we had a flat getting there and a flat going back. I think Baby Girl wanted to be part of the ceremony since her older sister was supposed to be the flower girl (until she fell asleep on my shoulder). She was not content, so she just kept me in contractions all the way back to Nome and I ended up in the hospital. Those doctors and nurses told me she could not be born then and stopped the contractions. I think Baby Girl got pissed.

It was only a month later she decided on her own she had waited long enough and it was time to show up. I had just taken a new job and had made it clear ro my employer that I would not take any guff from him. That I would give him a month, but if he ONCE yelled at me, I was out of there. After one week of work, I called up and said I would not be at work the next week. He thought I was upset; I told him, no, I just had to have a baby. Even in Nome, Alaska, he found a way to send me and Baby Girl a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Meanwhile, I waited for Baby Girl. Just like her Older Sister she decided not to make it too easy for me. I already knew her name and talked to her constantly. I could feel her tall me she was coming -- just not yet. After hours, she arrived. Just like with her older sister, I was calling her name to let her know who she was in this new world that was different than where she had been.

Just a couple hours later, her Older Sister climbed up on the bed next to me and said hello. Her Daddy was there to welcome her -- and love her as he always would.

This story is one of the two my babies would ask me to tell as their bedtime stories at night. I always loved that.