Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who's on First? Being Green or Being Germ Free?

We are rushing headlong into flu season and the news is saturated with "what to do to avoid swine flu" information. At my age, these are items of importance, but my problem is how to rectify the avoidance of germs and the desire to "be green".

Decreasing exposure to germs seems to involve behaviors and items that are not always in line with being green. Purchasing and disposing of produced anti-bacterial wipes is one, along with the plastic bottles full of hand santizer. Washing my hands and using paper towels (when I'm not at home, I grant you) every few minutes doesn't seem to be green behavior (especially if I'm already coughing and sneezing). Then there is using hot water.

Of course, none of this is wrong. I'm just not sure if doing certain things to avoid the flu means I'm still being green.

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