Sunday, February 21, 2010

Going Towards Movement

Miami is a place of sunshine, heat and pools. Just the entire atmosphere encourages not moving around. But the fact is, to keep any healthy body, one has to move. So I have been trying to “entice” myself away from the computer and poolside, and more towards movement.

My daughters, Liana Rose and Löki Gale, have realized that regardless of what Mom said, it was not about what I did, but what I said; and so they are true movers. Liana has just run a marathon and Löki has found ways to run even in a country that is primarily Muslim and does not condone women in exercise clothes.

The best part is given my current doctors’ advice (yes, we are talking multiple doctors), these two girls have been helpful in getting their mother excited about moving. The lucky part, Liana’s undergraduate degree was in preparation for her continued work as a physical therapist; plus she is a certified masseuse; and is working towards becoming a personal trainer. The best advice she gave me is to have a goal and find a workout buddy. It is a joy to have someone to provide and give support while we work through accommodating our particular life situations to insuring we take time to be healthy.

My goal is to complete the three-mile Walk to Empower to be held in Miami on Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010. My workout buddy is my cousin, Ghana Imani, who lives in New Jersey, writes to me regularly and is working for her own personal goal. The process of working towards our individual goals involve regular walking and exercise, while we maintain contact and support each other every day to make sure we complete our daily exercise and emotional needs.

My monetary goal for the walk is $100.00. If you are interested in supporting Team BPP go to where you can become a virtual walker or donate online directly to my team. If you do so, be sure that you have my everlasting thanks.

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