Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving? Get ready for the stress!

Given the economic state of our union, I am sure the number of people who have to move has been high. Whether you are moving from your house, condo, or apartment to a house (yours or your parents), condo, apartment, the process causes pain in the most uncomfortable places; like your arms, knees, neck, back, and a few others.

Of course, there are a number of sources and industries designed to help you move. Moving yourself? There are realtors who will help you find your new digs (if you are not just moving home); online packing lists; places to rent packing goods (the boxes for packing your glassware really are great) and trucks that can even tow your car; moving companies who will pack, load and deliver your possessions, relieving you of the stress of the move.

So why is moving still so stressful, no matter what sources/services you use? If you have children, you already know why! Yet, even if you are moving yourself, or you and a partner, the stress can be unbelievable. First there is the task of DECIDING where you are going, if that is not already determined. Then the next DECISION is what kind of place you are looking for. Okay, let’s say that’s done. You have to look at your budget and DECIDE how you are going to move – packing and traveling on your own or using a company. What if you have to DECIDE whether or not you need help moving? (The use of friends has been known to ruin any and all friendships.) The next DECISION is what you can/want/don’t want to pack – a decision that can be complicated by DECIDING to downgrade. Inevitably this leads to DECIDING how you want to pack your possessions. (I’ll always remember how I had not made provisions for my plants and my aloe vera ended up in the corner of our open truck – right where the wind would tear it apart.) Let’s not forget the unpacking process, especially if you are going long distance and those friends are no longer available to you.

No doubt you can see where I’m going with this. You might have already realized I am in the middle of moving. I have not even mentioned the DECISIONS about notifying your apartment agency, cutting off your electric/water/cable/telephone, sending in your change of address notices, contacting various agencies (medical, magazines, employment or unemployment, book clubs, credit cards who you better let know before they freeze your account because there are charges coming from places you have never been before), when to empty your refrigerator and how, what to do with your canned goods, what to bring on your trip like your computers and, uh, weapons, bringing goods to charitable organizations, not to mention notifying other family members. I’m sure I have missed a few more DECISIONS you have to make.

The stress comes from the sheer number of decisions you must make. And I have no solutions for you, except to try to make these decisions as soon as possible. If you are like me, I set up my own spreadsheet, establish completions dates and how to number boxes, and then realize that nothing goes according to my timetable. I hope you have better luck than me.

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