Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Amazing Conversation

The gentleman to the left is my new oncologist, Dr. Eugene Anh. Before I moved to Miami, I had another fantastic oncologist, Dr. Kathleen Toomey of New Jersey. This past week I had to establish contact with a new oncologist to track my progress; so I met with Dr. Anh at the Sylvester Center for Cancer of the University of Miami.

What is amazing is that I had never, ever ,had a conversation with a medical doctor like the one I had with Dr. Anh. His interest lies in understanding the connection between the spiritual self and the physical self when it comes to healing. Dr. Anh seemed to hone right in on the personal, social and ethical issues I had as a cancer survivor and how they connected to my current physical issues which could put me at risk. He is the first person outside of my immediate family members (as in two people) that I admitted having issues about how to deal with what I feel is my lack of spirituality and therefore my lack of connectivity.

I cannot begin to explain how refreshing it is to speak to someone who is not bound by the constraints of scientific medicine. Dr. Anh is writing a book, putting information online, conducting research, and obviously actively interacting with his patients in an effort to relate to the whole person.

His blog is worth the time of checking out the past entries: . You will undoubtedly see how his approach to medicine may be realized in my own writings.

Thank you, Dr. Anh. I look forward to my work with you.

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