Saturday, December 19, 2009

"To Thine Own Self Be True" or not?

Have you ever tested how truthful you can be with yourself?

While the question may immediately strike you as silly, in only a moment you will realize what is being asked. If you have ever decided to change a habit, face an unpleasant reality, or been caught red-handed but decided a bluff was at least worth a try, then you know that “to thine own self be true” is often a tough test to pass.

As we approach the new year (regardless of culturally determined date issues), the idea of “resolutions” will rear its (ugly/beautiful) head; just overhearing words like “resolution”, “goal”, “objective” or any variations or related terms demand attention. The problem is the attention demanded is directed at self.
My physical with a new doctor resulted in news demanding some changes in my lifestyle. So, December 15th was my cigarette quit date.  I had already started to develop an exercise regiment with Pedro Cruz Rios, my personal trainer here in Miami. My logic was based on my [youthful] vision of my past when exercise meant I would not smoke. Here is where we get to the truthful part. Today is only five days since my quit date, and I’m finding the being true a bit tough.

Why did I pick a date before the holidays, when I know I’m inclined to feel down? Was I deliberately setting myself up for failure? One cigarette isn’t really cheating, is it? If I walk an extra fifteen minutes, will that make up for it? Oh, and I also decided to keep a food diary. If you think you are truly honest with yourself, try keeping a food diary.
At this time of year we need to remember no one is perfect. Okay, I need to remember no one is perfect, especially me. In fact, I need to remember that none of us can reach perfection and striving for perfection can have dire consequences. In fact, the drive for perfection can, well, to be honest, drive you crazy.
Well, then, in the interest of being truthful with myself, maybe I can delay my cigarette quit date just a couple more weeks while I amp up my exercise routine. Honest. Cross my heart and hope . . . well, you know.


  1. Nah....have a cigarette. Maybe you can be truthful with yourself and admit that you want to smoke and you don't care if you had cancer, you want a damn cigarette. It may kill you eventually, but who says dying any other way is preferable? What's so great about dying from pneumonia or a car accident over dying from cancer? They all suck.

  2. Best of luck! I quit smoking in March of 1994! The best thing you can do for yourself is to be as healthy as You can be & make no comparisons against anyone else.